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  • 10 tips for great skin
    1. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. However, avoid taking too much sugary drinks and caffeine. Consume processed sugar in limited quantities. Consuming fruits as a whole is better for absorption of nutrients than juicing it. Except citrus fruits. 2. Get enough sleep.At least 7-8hours of good quality rest is recommended for good glowing skin.Continue reading “10 tips for great skin”
  • Anxiety? Is it a nuisance?Here are some tips that might help.
    Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. Do you notice your heart beating a million times faster when you are confronted with certain situations or thoughts? Or your palms getting all sweaty? Sometimes to the point of getting an anxiety attack. Where your breaths get shallower, faster. Your vision blurry. You feel a senseContinue reading “Anxiety? Is it a nuisance?Here are some tips that might help.”
  • Hello I am January,
    Welcome to pool. I want to bring some interesting observations. Great ideas, empathetic approach on life, relationships, beauty and wellness, and some personal excerpts. I am quite an avid observer of life. I hope you find it helpful in some capacity.
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